Thursday, September 24, 2009

Life is Busy

When I decided to post something today I really didn't have anything in mind but its had been awhile so here I am just pounding the keys as I'm thinking.
I'm training for a 1/2 Marathon right now and its not my first. I run with my sister and we try to do one a year. I also mostly train in the winter as I would prefer to bike during the summer than run. When I was first diagnosed with Celiac I wondered if my running would improve. I'm a pretty active person and never let how my stomach or other things stop me in the past, I would just suffer and go on. Ive been on a GF & LF diet for almost a year now so if any difference could happen I should see it now with my training.
I am a lot faster this time around, my training seems to be going pretty good. I have noticed that I am not getting a heat rash after I run. One other thing Ive noticed is that my Asthma is also not as bad as before. Hmmmmm all things to ponder.

Oh on another note, I was taken out to lunch the other day and decided to go to a Lebanese place. Sahara which is downtown and they have a buffet. While I'm sure cross contamination is an issue I took the chance. They took me for a tour of the items and pretty much everything except the pita bread and some condiments I could eat. They use a lot of lentils, eggplant and other really good stuff. I seemed to be fine but remember I'm not as sensitive as some people as long as I don't have any dairy. It was nice to have such a big choice of foods to eat for a change. Joey Tomatoes while is really nice with the GF menu I'm already getting tired of the Tuna Salad (cheapest thing on the menu).