Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Scream You Scream We All Scream for Ice Cream

I really miss Ice cream and yogurt. Soy yogurt is only so so and I have found a soy ice cream made with Coconut milk that is pretty good. But there is an easy recipe to make your own ice cream that was posted on GFE today, and its Dairy Free, made with coconut milk. It sounds and from the pictures looks amazing. I would love to try it.

One big problem: You need an ice cream maker! So here is where reason comes into play. Yes i like ice cream but its winter for 8 months here so can I really justify buying an ice cream maker????? I only eat ice cream if I have it, so Ive put it in with the Bread Maker category. I never ate a lot of bread before so it doesn't make sense to buy a machine to make mediocre bread when I can buy the best from my favourite bakery GF Patisserie in cochrane. I may change my mind on the Ice cream Maker and ask for it for Christmas....

Friday, August 21, 2009

Great new Blog/Website

So I have a few Blogs which I regularily read and thru one of them GFE (Gluten Free Easily) I discovered a recipe blog. It really is one of the best ones I've found.
It is woman who's husband and daughter are gluten intolerant and they are also do everything Whole Food. I love some of the recipe's and I plan on trying a few, some great muffins and these Green Smoothies. I own a VitaMix (super blender) and honestly have not used it to its potential so its time to bring that sucker out of cupboard.
Here is the Blog and check out the website too!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Holidays

So had my first camping holiday with Don, 4 dogs, GF & LF. We rented a motorhome, hey lets face it you don't think we could tent with 3 large 1 small dog do you!!!! Before we get on our way for vacation we did have a small setback. Kracker our smallest little guy decided that something was not right with all this packing on sunday and was a bit upset (he didn't handle our move well either). So he went on a chewing rampage that morning. My good dress shoes and a plant.
Well later that day he started to throw up and it was guessed it, the plant was poisonous.. so a trip to the emergency vet on a holiday. Luckily the little guy was ok and he has since totally recovered. Our trip was delayed by one day and the vet felt that he should not be left behind as it would only stress him out more. So with soft food and stomach medication we hit the road. Nelson was our first stop. I have 2 great friends that have moved their in the past year so it was fabulous to visit and see the places. I love Nelson, its just so beautiful and you have to stop at Oso Negro for coffee. We only stayed 2 days as we had to be at Burton for Thursday for our Annual Family Reunion Camping weekend. Burton is approx 30km south of Nakusp, not much of a place but they have a great campground. We had rented the group camp for our families and it was perfect. 21 Adults, 5 kids, 2 1/2 babies and 15 DOGS..... yes my family is a dog family...everyone has 1 or more. Everyone got along great, kids, dogs it was so much fun.
I was a little nervous about this camping trip as traditionally we split into groups and each group makes dinner for everyone on their designated night. So I was only in control of 1 night where I could be 100% on the GF LF factor. But my family rocks, they asked me lots of questions and truly went out of their way to make sure I had something safe to eat. I love my family!!!
We spent 5 days together and I did not get sick at all. It was so great! Shayra - Don's daughter who also joined us even went out her way to bring all the fixing for Smores (GF just for me). That was the best, being able to join everyone for this sticky sweet treat!
We had a great time and yes you can travel with that many dogs in a motor home!!!!
Great time and looking forward to next year already...