Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Crazy Blood Test

So, I went for my annual and my doctor did the usually tests.
I got a call saying that she wanted to chat about my test results but nothing serious so no rush.
Don thought, you are low on iron, your always low and your not taking anything. I didn't think so but hey Ive been low and to me felt fine in the past.
Off I went to see her.
First: Im low on Vitamin D - well ok thats a new one. But better get on that because with out Vit D I won't absorb any Calcium and we all know how important that is. Being Lactose its even doubly important.
Second: my blood is saturated (her words) with Iron. Im off the chart, and we have no idea why. Yes it seems that my little villa are all up and proudly absorbing nutrients again, so much so its gone overboard. I do not take any type of supplement, not even a vitamin so to have the iron that high is very unusual. She wasn't concerned however because my Hemoglobin is fine. Weird eh!!!!
We will monitor and if I start to look like I have a tan i will go back for more tests. She also told me that the only cure if it gets bad is literally draining my blood. I burst out laughing and all I could think of was leaching!!! No that is not what they do thank god, when I looked it up they will take a unit of blood 2-3 time a week until the numbers are normal and then you have to go back every 3-4 times a year to keep it good. Turns out your body has no natural way of getting rid of iron. Interesting stuff.