Monday, June 29, 2009

Took a Risk!

First Wedding as a Celiac was on Saturday. I did the biggest Celiac mistake and did not talk to the bride on matters of the food. I was a guess of a friend so really felt that I should not be bother someone I really don't know about if the food will be safe for me to eat.

So in preparation I did try and eat something small before we left but of course I was running behind and only got to eat some rice and 1 small turkey pepperoni stick.
Meal was a buffet and at first I was sure I would only be able to eat salad with no dressing. But when we got up to the front, they were serving roast beef and honestly it looked like it had no spices on it at all. The roasted potatoes as well looked very plain and same with the carrots. No offence to the bride but it really was a bland kinda of a meal. But to me it was heaven, so I took the risk and had the roast beef, potatoes, carrots and salad. No gravy or dressing, and i was fine. No side effects at all....yippee. Now I know this won't happen to the next wedding I will be attending as its at a Chinese place. But I do know the mother of the groom a little and she knows of my problem so you never know. Again though I will not push the subject and can just eat before I go.

Oh the wedding was wonderful as they all are.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Marcello's - maybe not?

Well if you read my last post I was bragging that I found a great place to eat lunch when i don't bring my own. Well yesterday after lunch, my stomach started to have that familiar gurgle sound and I was worried I wouldn't make it home in time. So was it Gluten or Lactose, I really have no idea but the chances might have been higher for contamination for gluten. But I will still eat here occasionally and see if its a repeat and maybe just being a little more careful.
Let me know if you risk it and try Marcello's in Canterra.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

OMG - the best place to eat downtown

So Ive been wanting to blog about this great find and I just finished my lunch from this fabulous place so its fresh on my mind.
Less than a year ago a Marcello's opened up in Canterra Tower. This is a buffet set up. I would go and browse and see if there was anything to eat. Mostly salads that you know are safe. But looking at all the great hot entrees made we wish!!! One day I notice someone filling a pan and just thought I will ask. Well it turns out it was the actual chef and she is Celiac and then informed me that she cooks mostly Gluten Free if she can and showed me a bunch of stuff i could eat. I was so happy.
I don't eat out much so months later I ventured back thinking I would request to talk to the great chef and ask again. Well to my surprise when I looked at the signage for all the food & she has started to mark whether its Healthy, Gluten Free/Wheat Free and Dairy Free. I could have kissed someone i was so happy.
I bought my lunch and then went back to work and immediately emailed the owner and told her how happy I was and how important it was for my diet.
The next time I was in I ran into this fab chef again and told her how much I appreciate what she had done.
Today I had this fabulous hot salmon dill dish, carrot salad, spinach with a little bit of greek salad on top as a dressing. I picked out the feta cheese. It was so good!!!!
So if you work downtown, venture over to Canterra Tower 3rd & 3rd SW 2nd floor. I try to go early so that I have less chance of customers cross contaminating the food.
Please realize I do not react immediately but so far I have been good when Ive eaten there.
Let me know if you go and what you think.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Oops, gotta get better at this!

So its been way to long since I've posted. Mostly just lazy as lots has happened. Lets do a really quick version of my life since my last post. Im sure I will miss lots of stuff and will fill in later or expand later.

Im definately Lactose Intolerant, after my 2nd test, my doctor looked at me and and just shook her head. Flat line, yup you can't really get any worse than that. Ive also done some experimenting with Lactaid pills. If I want a very small amount of dairy they work if I take 4 pills but a meal with a cream sauce I think i would have to take a bottle. It also let me figure out what some of my lactose symptoms were since I really had no idea what was lactose and what were Gluten symptoms. So now Im back to trying to keep Lactose out of my diet totally and its hard. I go thru cravings of milkshakes and icecream. My next post I hope to start a list of all the great lactose free products I am finding. Its easy to find info on GF but Im having a harder time finding Lactose information. So even though I will always post GF it will also be a lot of Lactose information.

Im moving! yup boyfriend and I decided to live together and that neutral grounds were needed. Neither of us wanted to live in the others hous for various reasons. So we bought a house to live together in. Wow that has been a little stressful. Mostly it was the decision to sell Don's house and all the work we had to put into it before putting it on the market. It all paid off as it sold within a week, yippee!!!
Im renting my place so if you know of someone wanting to rent a house let me know, its a great place.
The big move will be on July 18th almost a birthday move. I will get to celebrate in the new house. Its all very exciting and scarey at the same time...this is a big deal!!!!

On the Celiac front - well I have good days and bad days. Im still frustrated and think there is something else that Im missing!!! I have also been really sick, with sinus colds and the flu. Im usually never sick for longer than 2 days, but this time its been weeks. Im trying to figure out my next step and its going to be a diet change of some sort. Ive been reading some books on Acid/Alkline diets as well as going Raw Food. Its all very interesting. I will keep you posted on my decisions as i go along. Im just tired of being tired and not feeling well.

This post is gettting out of hand so I will stop now and let this digest. I promise to post more often and get caught up on all the great things I want to discuss.
Cheers, everyone.