Monday, June 29, 2009

Took a Risk!

First Wedding as a Celiac was on Saturday. I did the biggest Celiac mistake and did not talk to the bride on matters of the food. I was a guess of a friend so really felt that I should not be bother someone I really don't know about if the food will be safe for me to eat.

So in preparation I did try and eat something small before we left but of course I was running behind and only got to eat some rice and 1 small turkey pepperoni stick.
Meal was a buffet and at first I was sure I would only be able to eat salad with no dressing. But when we got up to the front, they were serving roast beef and honestly it looked like it had no spices on it at all. The roasted potatoes as well looked very plain and same with the carrots. No offence to the bride but it really was a bland kinda of a meal. But to me it was heaven, so I took the risk and had the roast beef, potatoes, carrots and salad. No gravy or dressing, and i was fine. No side effects at all....yippee. Now I know this won't happen to the next wedding I will be attending as its at a Chinese place. But I do know the mother of the groom a little and she knows of my problem so you never know. Again though I will not push the subject and can just eat before I go.

Oh the wedding was wonderful as they all are.

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