Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So I went and had another Lactose Test today. Why would I want to put myself thru that misery of 2.5hrs in a waiting room to have them poke me 4 times. Well, my doctor told me that after being GF their was a possibility that the lactose intolerance can reverse. Sometimes I have found the Lactose Free diet harder than GF... I love my cream, icecream, sauces, cheese, butter. In all fairness, yes I could take a pill and enjoy all of the above but I decided to try and do without, be completely GF & LF for at least 3 - 4 months to give my body a break. Its been 4 months now so felt it was time. At first I thought, wow Im really lactose intolerant cause after taking the drink full of it, my stomach didn't feel that well and was moving all around, making some very loud embarrassing noises. But them I remembered I hadn't eaten since 10pm last night so maybe I was just hungry. Also so far no rushing trip to the bathroom. Im being very optimistic my friends and really hoping that I can start to put some fun back into my diet. Should know in a week or two.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Chili and Bread what lovely Bread

Went Skiing on Saturday and my sister was making Chili for everyone after. I was in charge of the GF bread since there were going to be 2 of us that are Celiac there.
So I hastily email GF Patisserie in Cochrane and ordered a fresh loaf of the Italian Flat Bread to be held for me and we would pick it up on our way back from the mountains.
Got there at 4:30 and wow, I was glad I had pre-ordered, as there was only my lonely Flat Bread and one loaf of the white sandwich bread left fresh.
I bought both and a frozen Flax as I haven't tried it yet.

At the dinner our other Celiac friend had not had any of GF Patisserie bread so i was really pumping it up, cause it is the best GF bread anywhere. I cut the flat bread into wedges and also cut some of the white bread as well for us to share with the Chili. I was anxiously waiting to see her reaction and I was right, a big eyed smile came onto her face and she was amazed at how good it was. She also raved about the white bread too. With 4 non- celiacs at the table they all wanted to try the flat bread and were totally amazed. As far as they were concerned they would also have no problem eating this bread.... now its whether we are willing to share or
I gave her the rest of the bread to take home as her daughter is also celiac and she knew how excited she would be to taste this yummy bread. Even though they live in MacKenzie town she was seeing a trip to Cochrane in their very near future.

So if you still haven't been to the BEST GF bakery what are you waiting for, go, go now, oops sorry you have to wait until at least wednesday when they open again for the week
You will not be sorry, trust me.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What Happened?

So Im not sure what happened the other night, maybe it was that I didn't eat enough food during the day or maybe I was poisoned.
Valentines night, we went out for dinner, very nice buffet, they told me I would have my own meal but could still off the buffet anything I wanted.
Being cautious I only had a green salad, no dressing and some pickled condiments.
Before dinner I had one martini. We had some wine during dinner. My main course came and it was chicken with some sauteed' veggies on top. No rice, potatoes or anything else. I was a little disappointed at the cost of the tickets to only get chicken. it was tasty though I will give them that.
Unfortunately I started to not feel well soon after and I felt really drunk????? But in reality had not had that much to drink. To my horror I ended up getting sick at my table. Not a pleasant thing and the first time that has ever happened. I have always made it to a bathroom. My embarrassment was so great. No I really don't know what triggered this. So in the defense of the place I will not mention it.

However I now feel really bad for the Celiac's out there that do physically get sick if they eat any gluten. My horror is something that you can have happen so easily. Im hoping this is just one of those rare things but now Im worried that maybe since Ive been on the GF diet a while now Im getting more sensitive. Ive been told it can happen. What scares me even more is that I am scheduled for my biopsy in June which means I have to go off the GF diet about 6 weeks before the operation. What will that be like??? Im not good with unknowns.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cupcakes - Who Said Cupcakes.

Yesterday I had a co-worker that turned 50 so I decided to bring cupcakes to work for us to celebrate. So monday was cupcake making night. I needed to make 36 cupcakes... I do not have any wheat flour in my house and I intend not to ever have wheat flour in my house. Just by me baking with it I could inhale it and poison my self...not.
So I made GF & LF chocolate cupcakes. I knew it would be interesting to see everyone's reaction.
Most people I work with know I'm Celiac and if they didn't know now, I don't keep secrets well and it helps for people to know why I eat what I do. As the cupcakes were being handed out, lots of queries.... these are made without flour???? Yup and no butter either. Consensus.... wow, these are good, yummy. All cupcakes were eaten. It was great for people to realize that there are other options out there, yes I had to make them myself but they tasted just as good as a wheat flour cupcake. I really enjoyed being able to partake in eating and celebrating with my co-workers instead of either not having any or bringing my own treat with me.

I enjoyed making these and wish I had more time to experiment with recipes. i really want to try and make a perogie dough. My mom makes a dish called Vernikie which is like a perogie but made with hamburger & onion instead of potatoe. One of my favourites as a kid and still today.
Its really a very simple dough recipe flour, milk and egg.
One day i will try it.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Marilyn & Milestones

On Saturday my boyfriends daughter and I went to see the Marilyn Munroe display at the Glenbow Museum. Before going we went to lunch at Milestones downtown. I have eaten there once before and the service was really good and very helpful. Well again, my waitress was exceptional. She understood what celiac was right away and even though they don't have a lot of choice for me on their menu I found 2 items of possibility. I always try to pick 2 things that way it saves time when they go to the chef and my first choice gets turned down.
Sundays they do Brunch and I was able to order an Omelet, no cheese but lots of other great stuff. My second choice was a Chicken Curry Bowl. When she came back after talking to the chef, they could do both with modification so I went with the omelet and they promised to make mine separate in a clean pan. She also offered some sauteed veggies in place of the potatoes/toast that usually come with the meal.
What a great lunch and it was so nice to have such fabulous service.

Marilyn Munroe.... wow definitely worth taking a peak at this exhibit. We missed the play which I'm sure would have been great as well but the painting, photography and actual dresses she wore were amazing. The famous Andy Warhol and Milton Greene pictures there.
The exhibit is on until Feb 22 so if your at all interested in Marilyn go and check it out.

Shayra, thanks for spending the afternoon with me, it was a lot of fun.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Feelin Better - maybe it was the iMac!!

Sorry for not posting in a while...been busy. I'm also just starting to feel better, yeah!!!!
Why have I been busy you ask, well I'm training for a 1/2 marathon to run with my sister and niece in April. That should be fun and Brenda and I will cheer our niece from far behind her, she is young and
Got the microwave installed, and its fabulous and I just bought a new computer. After chatting with lots of people and looking at reviews Ive gone to the other side and bought a iMac. It is beautiful, not only esthically but just in all generalness. (not sure that is a word but i like it)
Now maybe I can do some cool things with my blog once i get up to speed on it.

As for the GF/LF world, I found some decent LF cheese a while back, I will try and take a picture and post it. For non lactose cheese it is really good. Now I buy the LF Judy pizza and add my own cheese, its so good. Judy's Pizza are the best (well Ive only tried one but it is great). So if you haven't tried them, go ahead, get one today and make a pizza night at home.
Well, that's all folks, a quick update.