Monday, February 9, 2009

Marilyn & Milestones

On Saturday my boyfriends daughter and I went to see the Marilyn Munroe display at the Glenbow Museum. Before going we went to lunch at Milestones downtown. I have eaten there once before and the service was really good and very helpful. Well again, my waitress was exceptional. She understood what celiac was right away and even though they don't have a lot of choice for me on their menu I found 2 items of possibility. I always try to pick 2 things that way it saves time when they go to the chef and my first choice gets turned down.
Sundays they do Brunch and I was able to order an Omelet, no cheese but lots of other great stuff. My second choice was a Chicken Curry Bowl. When she came back after talking to the chef, they could do both with modification so I went with the omelet and they promised to make mine separate in a clean pan. She also offered some sauteed veggies in place of the potatoes/toast that usually come with the meal.
What a great lunch and it was so nice to have such fabulous service.

Marilyn Munroe.... wow definitely worth taking a peak at this exhibit. We missed the play which I'm sure would have been great as well but the painting, photography and actual dresses she wore were amazing. The famous Andy Warhol and Milton Greene pictures there.
The exhibit is on until Feb 22 so if your at all interested in Marilyn go and check it out.

Shayra, thanks for spending the afternoon with me, it was a lot of fun.

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