Monday, February 23, 2009

Chili and Bread what lovely Bread

Went Skiing on Saturday and my sister was making Chili for everyone after. I was in charge of the GF bread since there were going to be 2 of us that are Celiac there.
So I hastily email GF Patisserie in Cochrane and ordered a fresh loaf of the Italian Flat Bread to be held for me and we would pick it up on our way back from the mountains.
Got there at 4:30 and wow, I was glad I had pre-ordered, as there was only my lonely Flat Bread and one loaf of the white sandwich bread left fresh.
I bought both and a frozen Flax as I haven't tried it yet.

At the dinner our other Celiac friend had not had any of GF Patisserie bread so i was really pumping it up, cause it is the best GF bread anywhere. I cut the flat bread into wedges and also cut some of the white bread as well for us to share with the Chili. I was anxiously waiting to see her reaction and I was right, a big eyed smile came onto her face and she was amazed at how good it was. She also raved about the white bread too. With 4 non- celiacs at the table they all wanted to try the flat bread and were totally amazed. As far as they were concerned they would also have no problem eating this bread.... now its whether we are willing to share or
I gave her the rest of the bread to take home as her daughter is also celiac and she knew how excited she would be to taste this yummy bread. Even though they live in MacKenzie town she was seeing a trip to Cochrane in their very near future.

So if you still haven't been to the BEST GF bakery what are you waiting for, go, go now, oops sorry you have to wait until at least wednesday when they open again for the week
You will not be sorry, trust me.

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