Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So I went and had another Lactose Test today. Why would I want to put myself thru that misery of 2.5hrs in a waiting room to have them poke me 4 times. Well, my doctor told me that after being GF their was a possibility that the lactose intolerance can reverse. Sometimes I have found the Lactose Free diet harder than GF... I love my cream, icecream, sauces, cheese, butter. In all fairness, yes I could take a pill and enjoy all of the above but I decided to try and do without, be completely GF & LF for at least 3 - 4 months to give my body a break. Its been 4 months now so felt it was time. At first I thought, wow Im really lactose intolerant cause after taking the drink full of it, my stomach didn't feel that well and was moving all around, making some very loud embarrassing noises. But them I remembered I hadn't eaten since 10pm last night so maybe I was just hungry. Also so far no rushing trip to the bathroom. Im being very optimistic my friends and really hoping that I can start to put some fun back into my diet. Should know in a week or two.

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