Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What Happened?

So Im not sure what happened the other night, maybe it was that I didn't eat enough food during the day or maybe I was poisoned.
Valentines night, we went out for dinner, very nice buffet, they told me I would have my own meal but could still off the buffet anything I wanted.
Being cautious I only had a green salad, no dressing and some pickled condiments.
Before dinner I had one martini. We had some wine during dinner. My main course came and it was chicken with some sauteed' veggies on top. No rice, potatoes or anything else. I was a little disappointed at the cost of the tickets to only get chicken. it was tasty though I will give them that.
Unfortunately I started to not feel well soon after and I felt really drunk????? But in reality had not had that much to drink. To my horror I ended up getting sick at my table. Not a pleasant thing and the first time that has ever happened. I have always made it to a bathroom. My embarrassment was so great. No I really don't know what triggered this. So in the defense of the place I will not mention it.

However I now feel really bad for the Celiac's out there that do physically get sick if they eat any gluten. My horror is something that you can have happen so easily. Im hoping this is just one of those rare things but now Im worried that maybe since Ive been on the GF diet a while now Im getting more sensitive. Ive been told it can happen. What scares me even more is that I am scheduled for my biopsy in June which means I have to go off the GF diet about 6 weeks before the operation. What will that be like??? Im not good with unknowns.

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