Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cupcakes - Who Said Cupcakes.

Yesterday I had a co-worker that turned 50 so I decided to bring cupcakes to work for us to celebrate. So monday was cupcake making night. I needed to make 36 cupcakes... I do not have any wheat flour in my house and I intend not to ever have wheat flour in my house. Just by me baking with it I could inhale it and poison my self...not.
So I made GF & LF chocolate cupcakes. I knew it would be interesting to see everyone's reaction.
Most people I work with know I'm Celiac and if they didn't know now, I don't keep secrets well and it helps for people to know why I eat what I do. As the cupcakes were being handed out, lots of queries.... these are made without flour???? Yup and no butter either. Consensus.... wow, these are good, yummy. All cupcakes were eaten. It was great for people to realize that there are other options out there, yes I had to make them myself but they tasted just as good as a wheat flour cupcake. I really enjoyed being able to partake in eating and celebrating with my co-workers instead of either not having any or bringing my own treat with me.

I enjoyed making these and wish I had more time to experiment with recipes. i really want to try and make a perogie dough. My mom makes a dish called Vernikie which is like a perogie but made with hamburger & onion instead of potatoe. One of my favourites as a kid and still today.
Its really a very simple dough recipe flour, milk and egg.
One day i will try it.

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H.Peter said...

Cupcakes! Everybody loves cupcakes.

I find the experience of home baking very rewarding. As you so well decribed, other people's comments are the true reward!