Friday, November 28, 2008

Support - good, bad or just plain silly

When I finally made the decision to go GF I found out that the Calgary Chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association was holding an info session for newly diagnosed Celiacs. So thinking that my sister and boyfriend may be interested in coming with me, made the invitation. They both agreed to come with me for support and to learn more themselves since my change was also going to affect them in a big way too.
On the way there the jokes started, "is this like an AA meeting... hello my name is karen and Im addicted to gluten"... Ha ha...yes I have heard many jokes from my love ones. Anyway we go to the meeting and (no disrespect for the Association) but it really was like that....having to listen endlessly to other people descriptive history and health problems, I could see outta the corner of my eye Don and Brenda trying really hard not to laugh, and to be honest with you I could not look at them cause I would have lost it. Anyway when it was my turn, I kept it really brief and then Don & Brenda made the joke of being there for support and after the meeting we were going for pizza!!! The jokes between the 2 of them kept on coming and I was starting to wonder why did I invite them!!!! Anyway, all in all it was good, we were given some great information and the Association is a real asset to Celiacs and I strongly encourage anyone to join your local chapter.
Support, not sure if I got it, but Im still thankful for them for having gone through a very long evening with me. In fact we still have laughs over that night.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Feeling Normal - for a moment

Last night Don and I went to dinner, as all Celiacs know this is one of the most frustrating of times, you have to ask a million questions and still its a crap shoot as to whether you get a GF meal.
I had heard about a Chinese Restaurant that has GF items so we decided to try it out. Oriental Palace. They are located in Parkdale, that little shopping plaza where Lics Icecream and the Lazy Loaf reside. Very old fashioned family run place, you instantly like the place when you walk in. As soon as we sat down and they brought the menus I told her that I had heard they have GF items... she got this big smile and said of course, on the menu anything with a red star can be made Gluten Free. I thought this is it...I love this place and haven't even eaten a thing yet. We made 4 choices, Sizzling Rice dish, Beef mushroom & baby corn, Dried Salt & Pepper Squid & Lemon Chicken.
As Im chowing down on the food, all I could think was how normal I felt. We went to a place, we both ordered items we wanted and eating together with no worries. I really felt normal for the first time since Oct 15th.

The sizzling rice was amazing, I could have just eaten that and been blissfully happy. The beef dish also was excellent. The Squid and Lemon Chicken was good but the batter was different, not sure what they use. It was definitely OK and no complaints from me, just different.

We both gave it a thumbs up and will go again...or take out..... Im already thinking of that cold day with Sizzling Rice.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Catch Up

I'm trying to Catch up on all the stuff that has happened since I was first diagnosed so you have to read my past.

So after the summer was over and I was seriously contemplating my future as Gulten Free, and of course you are feeling sorry for yourself big time. So what does someone do to cheer themselves up? When, most people would go shopping or to a spa, do something special for themselves....what do I do....... I go and get another dog...yup I got it into my head I wanted a small snuggle dog (Rocky is the not best snuggler) So after much searching...enters Kracker - yup a Terrier X that has lots of spunk and is only about 23lbs... I got him from the Canmore SPCA and took him home on October 15th... wow this day has a lot of significance to me now..... 1st day GF and a new dog with a new birthdate of Oct 15.

I have questioned my sanity and my family & friends really question my sanity...but he is great and hopefully once he gets over this chewing stage, everything will be wonderful.... wouldn't change a thing now that I have him.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shopping is Evil

When I finally decided after months of denial that I should start the GF & LF diet I picked a day where I had the week off of work. I figured my first shopping experience should be during a none busy day like the weekend.

With a very supportive Boyfriend (Don) who also had the day off. We had just come home from visiting my parents for Thanksgiving.....kinda my last glueten filled weekend of all my favourites that my Mom could cook and me shovel down.

Tuesday, Oct 14th was going to be Shopping Day. I had lists and lists of every conceivable flour that I could eat and armed with my little ingrediant handbook off we set.

Ok, I shoud tell you something right here...I hate shopping at the best of times. Im a get in get out as quick as you can kinda girl. 6 stores, 6 hours later, I am exhausted, very grumpy but have more types of flour than any sane person should have in their pantry.

Was it a success, well it depends on who you talk to... it took me 4 days to get up the courage to actually put all that flour away into the freezer. My bank account went into cardiac arrest at the prices of stuff, but Don still drags me out shopping.

Shopping is still a major chore but it has gotten better, I only go to Safeway (its in the hood) and Planet Organic. Keep it simple and Im happy.

Who Am I?

Well, my name is Karen and I was diagnosed in July 2008 by a blood test as Celiac and Lactose Intolerant. My doctor says that I may reverse the lactose part if Im lucky...hmmmm am i lucky? The day my doctor dropped the bomb I certainly didn't think so.
I went home in shock, called my sister and then proceeded to start throwing things out of my cupboards and fridge. It was all very reactive and impulsive but I didn't know what else to do.
The full impact had not even come close to sinking in and I was already in a state. I didn't know what to do, where to start. Luckly my sister has a friend who is Celiac as well as her daughter and she called me. We talked and she helped stop some of the fears but then she convinced me I should get the Biopsy to confirm that I really am Celiac.
Comes in our "wonderful" health system. I called my doctor and told her I had changed my mind and wanted the biopsy. Ok, did not hear anything for weeks, left message after message in the office..finally someone talked to me only for me to find out my appointment was for June 2009. I also thought this was just to see the specialist not the biopsy....lack of communication...many months later again I finally get the number to the specialist and call them. This is when I find out that that date was actually for the biopsy...well that is better I guess!!!
I then decide that I want to go on the Gluten Free diet and then i will go off it as I get close to my appointment.

So on October 15th, 2008 I officially start the GF & LF diet.