Friday, November 28, 2008

Support - good, bad or just plain silly

When I finally made the decision to go GF I found out that the Calgary Chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association was holding an info session for newly diagnosed Celiacs. So thinking that my sister and boyfriend may be interested in coming with me, made the invitation. They both agreed to come with me for support and to learn more themselves since my change was also going to affect them in a big way too.
On the way there the jokes started, "is this like an AA meeting... hello my name is karen and Im addicted to gluten"... Ha ha...yes I have heard many jokes from my love ones. Anyway we go to the meeting and (no disrespect for the Association) but it really was like that....having to listen endlessly to other people descriptive history and health problems, I could see outta the corner of my eye Don and Brenda trying really hard not to laugh, and to be honest with you I could not look at them cause I would have lost it. Anyway when it was my turn, I kept it really brief and then Don & Brenda made the joke of being there for support and after the meeting we were going for pizza!!! The jokes between the 2 of them kept on coming and I was starting to wonder why did I invite them!!!! Anyway, all in all it was good, we were given some great information and the Association is a real asset to Celiacs and I strongly encourage anyone to join your local chapter.
Support, not sure if I got it, but Im still thankful for them for having gone through a very long evening with me. In fact we still have laughs over that night.

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