Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shopping is Evil

When I finally decided after months of denial that I should start the GF & LF diet I picked a day where I had the week off of work. I figured my first shopping experience should be during a none busy day like the weekend.

With a very supportive Boyfriend (Don) who also had the day off. We had just come home from visiting my parents for Thanksgiving.....kinda my last glueten filled weekend of all my favourites that my Mom could cook and me shovel down.

Tuesday, Oct 14th was going to be Shopping Day. I had lists and lists of every conceivable flour that I could eat and armed with my little ingrediant handbook off we set.

Ok, I shoud tell you something right here...I hate shopping at the best of times. Im a get in get out as quick as you can kinda girl. 6 stores, 6 hours later, I am exhausted, very grumpy but have more types of flour than any sane person should have in their pantry.

Was it a success, well it depends on who you talk to... it took me 4 days to get up the courage to actually put all that flour away into the freezer. My bank account went into cardiac arrest at the prices of stuff, but Don still drags me out shopping.

Shopping is still a major chore but it has gotten better, I only go to Safeway (its in the hood) and Planet Organic. Keep it simple and Im happy.

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