Thursday, November 27, 2008

Feeling Normal - for a moment

Last night Don and I went to dinner, as all Celiacs know this is one of the most frustrating of times, you have to ask a million questions and still its a crap shoot as to whether you get a GF meal.
I had heard about a Chinese Restaurant that has GF items so we decided to try it out. Oriental Palace. They are located in Parkdale, that little shopping plaza where Lics Icecream and the Lazy Loaf reside. Very old fashioned family run place, you instantly like the place when you walk in. As soon as we sat down and they brought the menus I told her that I had heard they have GF items... she got this big smile and said of course, on the menu anything with a red star can be made Gluten Free. I thought this is it...I love this place and haven't even eaten a thing yet. We made 4 choices, Sizzling Rice dish, Beef mushroom & baby corn, Dried Salt & Pepper Squid & Lemon Chicken.
As Im chowing down on the food, all I could think was how normal I felt. We went to a place, we both ordered items we wanted and eating together with no worries. I really felt normal for the first time since Oct 15th.

The sizzling rice was amazing, I could have just eaten that and been blissfully happy. The beef dish also was excellent. The Squid and Lemon Chicken was good but the batter was different, not sure what they use. It was definitely OK and no complaints from me, just different.

We both gave it a thumbs up and will go again...or take out..... Im already thinking of that cold day with Sizzling Rice.

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