Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Catch Up

I'm trying to Catch up on all the stuff that has happened since I was first diagnosed so you have to read my past.

So after the summer was over and I was seriously contemplating my future as Gulten Free, and of course you are feeling sorry for yourself big time. So what does someone do to cheer themselves up? When, most people would go shopping or to a spa, do something special for themselves....what do I do....... I go and get another dog...yup I got it into my head I wanted a small snuggle dog (Rocky is the not best snuggler) So after much searching...enters Kracker - yup a Terrier X that has lots of spunk and is only about 23lbs... I got him from the Canmore SPCA and took him home on October 15th... wow this day has a lot of significance to me now..... 1st day GF and a new dog with a new birthdate of Oct 15.

I have questioned my sanity and my family & friends really question my sanity...but he is great and hopefully once he gets over this chewing stage, everything will be wonderful.... wouldn't change a thing now that I have him.

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