Monday, December 1, 2008

Cheese you say?

Ok, the whole reason to have this blog is to help me vent so I don't drive my family and friends away from me.
Cheese, lets say...I love cheese and miss it more than any glutenized item on earth. So being Lactose intolerant is hell... So we had decided to have a little mexican night with friends to help us get excited about our pending trip to mexico on Dec 7th.. more on that later.
What is a taco without cheese??? Not a taco!!!!!! So in my wisdom I decided to try an alternative cheese product that the Vegan group can use. Tofu - well I don't really mind tofu, have had great tofu so thought, hey the cheese may taste ok and then I will once again be a happy girl.
I could not get it out of my mouth quick enough, it was the most foul tasting thing I have ever in my 44 years of life experienced. I thought the brown rice bread I first tried was bad but no, that was like a cupcake compared to this. Spit it out and the whole thing went into the garbage. So if you are also lactose intolerant, save yourself the bad taste and money...just don't do it.
Anyone find a good non-cheese make sure you let me know!

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