Tuesday, December 23, 2008

BP - never again

December is also Birthday month, I have a lot of friends with birthdays in December. Of course we try and get together. First party was being held at the Rose & Crown and I did the smart thing and ate before going. We didn't need to be there until after 7 so it was easy. Party #2, a different story, we were meeting for 6 so I did not have time to eat. The birthday girl chose Boston Pizza and when I looked at the menu on line first it looked like I could possibly get something GF. I even had my handy gluten info card with me! When I talked to the server she said all she could do was give me a book that told all the allergy alerts for there food. That would have taken a week to read. Then when I asked her to talk to the the chef's, well BP only has cooks and none of them spoke english! So I did the safe thing and just ordered a garden salad... :0( Im pretty sick of salads. So I now will never go to BP ever again with the thought of eating and will try and discourage my friends from going there too if inviting me.
There are lots of other places

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