Friday, December 19, 2008


So Im now pretty sure that I do have a reaction when I have taken in gluten. We went to the Peking Garden for Chinese on Wednesday night. I had heard that they do GF chinese food.
I picked out items and the server said that yes they could do it GF so our food came and we ate.... it was very good. Plus lots of left overs.
I had a bit of a stomach ache that night but it really wasn't too bad so ignored it and had the left overs for dinner last night. Well, later that evening it was a disaster, pain and the old symptoms back. Im pretty sure their was gluten in there somewhere. Cause I was pretty bad last night. I feel fine today. In one way though Im glad that I have reactions as it makes it easier to figure out if you are eating gluten or not. Im also happy cause that meant that my trip to Mexico was a GF success..... have passport, can travel!!!!

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