Monday, December 15, 2008

Mexico - GF?

First I have to say.....what happened to calgary chinooks? I came from +28 to -32.....crazy
I just spent a week in Mexico, Riviera Maya at the Grand Sirenis Mayan Beach Hotel. The place was fabulous. Big enough to have lots of interesting stuff but small enough to easily get around.
As for food, it did take me a while to get things figured out as far as my diet went. I tried just talking to them, some got it other didn't. The buffet, I stuck to a lot of salads and chicken/fish that they grilled in front of you with oil. Oh and white rice with peas. So not really that appetizing. Finally I got someone at the hotel to add to my Spanish card that tells about celiac and gluten a bit about lactose as well. Once I started to use the card, things got better, the main restaurants were great, either made me my own dinner or helped me order. Most of the time they really went out of their way to help me. I won't say it was easy, the first day was very hard and I had a major breakdown. Not sure if the rainbow of drinks I had drank that day helped much. But it did get better.
We also went into Playa de Carmen for the day and went out for lunch. Using my handy little card, it went really well, better than I thought. Unfortunately at this point I really am not sure if I have been poisoned or not so please take my encounters with a grain of salt for more sensitive celiacs.

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