Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Where do you put all your flour?

I have to buy a bigger freezer! A friend lent me her freezer when she heard i was looking, its this really cute little thing that is the size of a bar fridge. But 4 months ago it was perfect, fit all my extra frozen stuff nicely.
Enter being Celiac..... As i have mentioned in the past i now own more types of flour than any sane person and in order to keep them for any length of time you should freeze it. At the price of this stuff, you really do want to freeze it believe me. My fridge upstairs is packed and I have to make room for my roommate. The little freezer downstairs is full of flour, pasta sauce and other goodies. I need more room! I would love to make some meals big enough to freeze some for later but right now I don't even have room for the pizza I want. So I'm on a mission to find a bigger freezer. Questions: how big do you go and do you get a chest or up right? I don't want huge but it has to be bigger than what I have. I'm thinking up right if I can find a good used deal.
Wish me luck in my quest!


H.Peter said...

There are tons on Kijiji.ca

Also, look at auctions in Calgary.

I prefer the upright tyoe freezer, easier to organzie.

karenk said...

Thanks H. Peter, i have been checking out all the used sites and looking particularly for the upright. I agree i think it takes less space and way easier to organize & find stuff. Just found a few to check out.