Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Why Do I Feel So Crappy?

What am i doing wrong? That is the question Im asking myself. I haven't been feeling well for couple of weeks and i can't figure out why. I can't see where I may be getting gluten.... its all very frustrating. Last night for dinner I had Chicken breast roasted with Mrs. Dash and Pepper Medley, mashed potatoes/soy milk, & peas. Yet 1.5 hrs later Im in bloated/gas hell for about 2 hrs until it settled down. My sister mentioned maybe i picked up something from Mexico... but how do i rule that out?
I know this will get easier as once Ive been on the GF diet for awhile and healed, time will make me more educated and everything, but this transition and learning curve is tough. Ive been working really hard to get my house as GF as possible. Changing baking dishes out, new toaster, just for me. New wooden spoons kept separate, new Teflon frying pans. The only thing I haven't changed out is my favourite baking dish that I cook my chicken and other baked meats in. It is oven safe tupperware not porous like clay so I think that the dishwasher gets it clean but maybe i have to find a new baking dish to use and throw that one out. It has seen a lot of cooking over the years and definately coatings with flour.
On a brighter note, I bought a over the range microwave last night....oh very exciting.... I love new appliances...LOL can't wait to get it installed.

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