Friday, December 5, 2008

Greek Anyone?

Part of my job is to organize fun stuff for our group to do and every christmas we go out for lunch. This is just not 10 people no I have to organize 40+ people. Finding a good restaurant that will accommodate that many people can be a challenge as well.
I found out about this fabulous Greek Taverna from a co-worker. She is also an admin like me but her parents own Santorin's Greek Taverna - Center Street North.
I booked our group for a 10 course meal and then there was me! I called the owner who is also the Chef, Andreas and talked to him about my diet restrictions. He was so pleasant to work with and he assured me I would not go hungry.
The food was absolutely amazing, rave review from everyone. They brought out the dishes on platters so everyone served themselves with how much they wanted. I think most people were full about 1/2 way thru. 3 1/2 hrs of eating... could you ask for more!!!
As for me they really did take my diet serious and brought me my own plates of things I could eat. Starting while everyone was eating peta bread and dips, I got raw veggies with Hummus...yummy. Then my greek salad had no feta, and while the rest were eating calamari and shrimp with scallops in butter and garlic, I was given the same but no breading and cooked with olive oil and lemon. I don't know about the others by mine was so delicious.
The main course was lamb, chicken and roasted potatoes. Even though it was the same as everyone else, they still gave me my own plate so I didn't have to share. I wasn't sure if it really was different or looked the same.
I really give this place a 10 of 10, we all had such a great time and we weren't rushed out which was really nice.
I will definitely go back on my own - Andreas kept telling me, come back to us and I will make sure you have a great dinner you can eat. Can't get much better than that!

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