Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tengo una enfermedad que se lama celiaqua

I have an illness called Celiac Disease........
Hey Im going to mexico and just found the Restaurant card in spanish.
I am having a few anxious moments about this trip. I have felt like I am on a roller coaster, trying to figure out what i should take and all the legistics of traveling with a CF & LF diet.
We are travelling with 2 other couples, my sister and her husband and friends. Very exciting, I haven't been on a sun vacation in ages, I think its been 5 or 6 years now. My fears....unfortunately are very real. I am thankful we are staying at a 5 star resort as I'm hoping that I will get better service because of that fact to start with. I did contact the hotel and got a really fast response and I was very happy when they stated they have had celiac's stay with them before and my name will be given to the chef at each place we are eating that morning to help prepare for the evening meal. My fears went away a little at that point, I was feeling much better about the trip. Then last week I emailed again just to confirm my arrival and to ask if they had soy milk at the hotel. I haven't heard back from them and now Im nervous again.
Lots of emotions and stuff are going through my head...Ive even thought about just saying screw it and not doing the diet. I do have to be off the diet for 2 months before I have the biopsy anyway. But then that won't help me in the future when we take another trip, maybe at a non resort style or not 5 star.
I have come up with some ideas of what to bring. Lots of Lara and Fruit bars, tetra pak of soy milk, crackers and some other snacking type foods. Oh and cereal. Ive been reading a few blogs and such about travelling but there really is not much out there on that topic. Lets hope I get through customs with my suitecase full of food!!!

We leave on sunday...whoo hoo!!! Margarita anyone!

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