Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Breakie Boycott

Im sure if you are celiac or know someone close to you who is, you will relate to this story. A few weeks ago, Don came up with a great idea, lets go out for breakfast. I had been avoiding this and had been pretty successful cause he suggests it every weekend. But finally knowing I really can't put this off anymore agreed. *News Flash* ...I like my coffee people and can get a little grumpy without it.... We head out and thought, lets try Nellies in Kensington.... big line up and we both aren't great with lineups. Im also really hungry, so we decide Phils in Motel Village, cause we couldn't think of anywhere else close by. So we get seated and I ask if they have soy milk.... no and the strangest look, honestly I don't think the server even knew what soy milk was!!!! So right off the bat, Im having a grumpy moment and I order Tea... I like tea, tea is good but I don't drink tea in the morning, for me tea is that evening drink. COFFEE is for the mornings and unfortunately I have to have cream in my coffee, black just doesn't work for me yet. So on to the menu..... Im already a smidgen close to having a temper tantrum and after looking at the menu the only thing on it that I could have was Eggs, Hashbrowns and bacon (pray the bacon is GF). Well, I just look at Don and say, I can make all of this at home and HAVE COFFEE!!!! Yup I was losing it!!!
The meal was only OK, it was just plain old eggs, which is the only thing I can really have at a restaurant for Breakfast, so I have now put a ban on all going out for breakfasts.... nope won't do it. I can make a great breakfast at home and have my fabulous coffee with soy!!!
On a side note, since the ban, I have gotten French Toast at home - Don made it using the bread from my favourite Bakery in Cochrane - GF Patisserie. Next time we'll try it with the raisin bread. I had gone to heaven, it was so good. French Toast was one of my favorite things to order in the old days. See, staying home can have its benefits.
Oh and yes I could just bring my own soy milk but who remembers that or really wants to be lugging every condiment you have in your fridge to the restaurant.

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Caitlin said...

Nellies in Marda Loop is AMAZING with GF and LF diets. They dont snub you or look at you weird. If you can remember to bring soy cheese they will gladly add it to an omellete or what not. AND they have great coffee! Don't give up on breakfast yet.