Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Scream You Scream We All Scream for Ice Cream

I really miss Ice cream and yogurt. Soy yogurt is only so so and I have found a soy ice cream made with Coconut milk that is pretty good. But there is an easy recipe to make your own ice cream that was posted on GFE today, and its Dairy Free, made with coconut milk. It sounds and from the pictures looks amazing. I would love to try it.

One big problem: You need an ice cream maker! So here is where reason comes into play. Yes i like ice cream but its winter for 8 months here so can I really justify buying an ice cream maker????? I only eat ice cream if I have it, so Ive put it in with the Bread Maker category. I never ate a lot of bread before so it doesn't make sense to buy a machine to make mediocre bread when I can buy the best from my favourite bakery GF Patisserie in cochrane. I may change my mind on the Ice cream Maker and ask for it for Christmas....


Lauren said...

Hi! I love ice cream from time to time, and although an ice cream maker would surely make it easier, I have made it without one =D. On David Lebovitz's blog, he has a method for doing it that way. It's a little more labour intensive, but that makes it more interesting =D.

karenk said...

Its funny cause there have been even more blogging lately about ice cream, not sure if its because of the nice weather or not.
I haven't see David's blog yet, will have to look him up. Thanks for the tip Lauren.