Monday, January 25, 2010

Thanks Sis!!!

My sister was going to Vegas the beginning of January and I gave her a "Challenge if she so chose to take it" On a few blogs I frequent there is always talk of the great stuff you can only get in the states. Whole Foods and Trader Joes being the best places to check out. So I gave my sister 3 products that I have been curious about.
1) French's GF Worcestershire Sauce
2) Coco Puffs from Post Cereal
3) Tortilla crumbs

All 3 looked really interesting but it really was the Worcestershire Sauce I really wanted. It is one staple that I really miss.

I was so excited when I picked them up from the airport and she told me she had some surprises for me. It was quite the adventure finding one of the stores. They were told a few different directions but finally made it to Whole Foods. They were pretty impressed at the size of the store I guess its huge. But what really impressed them more was that this Hippy Health Food store had a armed security guard!!!!! Only in the States!!
They had difficulty finding the exact products I wanted but they came home with 2 bottles of Lee&Perrin Worcestershire Sauce and 2 boxes of a Coco Rice cereal.
I was so excited about Lee & Perrin, Caesar salad dressing and Beef Stroganoff here you come.

The cereal is interesting, not bad but different. I decided to make Chocolate Rice Krispy Squares and see what it tasted like. I must admit using coco rice cereal works. They were really good.
Caesar Salad dressing very yummy now with the Lee & Perrin and I made my Beef Stroganoff on Saturday. I also had to substitute Coconut milk for Sour Cream but wow it was sooooo good.
I will post pictures later.

So thanks Brenda, Dave, Tara & Neil for taking the time to find me some great GF stuff and hopefully you had fun with this little challenge.

I want to go to the states now to see for myself! Maybe Vegas is in my future for 2010.

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H.Peter said...

Whole Foods = Whole Paycheck!
So yes there is lots of cash in that store...

If you stay on Las vegas Blvd, 5 Min past Mandalay bay to your right. Easy.