Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!

Well, today I have officially been on a gluten & lactose free diet for 1 year. Its also the birthday of Kracker since I took him home from the Canmore SPCA on this same day.
This is a time for me to reflect on the past year. I remember this day so well, actually I remember the day before even better. I hate shopping, never been a passion and when I picked this day to change my life for ever I had several reasons. First it was right after Thanksgiving and I went to see my parents that weekend and literally gorged myself on gluten.... It wasn't pretty people. I also had the week off work. So tuesday Oct 14th Don also had the day off so we went shopping for all the things that I would need to make the change. I had a list of products from Flours to snacks and different stores I wanted to check out. 6hrs later, 6 stores later and more weird types of flour than any sane person should ever have to have in their pantry, we were done. To say it was overwhelming in understating it. It took me 2 days to actually put all the stuff away, I just couldn't deal with it all. Kracker was my diversion... it was the reason I wanted a small cuddle dog. I was feeling sorry for myself and thought, hey lets get another dog that needs me and it will all be better. Do I have regrets on that decision...there are days. Would I do things differently... NO Way!!! when the little goof gives me a quick kiss or nudges me on my leg I'm lost. Oh... back to earth...
So the past year has brought me a lot of changes and not just in my diet. But I would say the first 8 months are the hardest. I had temper tantrums, I cried, I laughed, I got mad and I was sick! I think that has been one the most frustrating parts this past year is that I really did not feel better for a long time. Symptoms still persisted and I just would feel so crappy. But I was healing on the inside and it just takes time. I still have flareups and I have to be careful with lactose, it is the worse. But I can happily say that the last few months I have felt pretty good and what I think is normal. I don't have the cravings for stuff I can't have anymore and the most amazing one is Beer. I have no desire to have a beer anymore, and I think its because it used to make me so sick. I am enjoying wine a lot more though.

My boyfriend, family and friends have been amazing, they are my rocks. They kept me sane and put so much effort in making things that I could eat and just supporting me whenever I needed to vent. I owe them all so much I don't even really have the words to express what they mean to me. Luv you guys!!!

Ive made it thru my first year as a celiac and I have a life time ahead of me. But a lifetime of feeling better. I have learned so much about Gluten and myself this year its amazing. Education on this subject is key to being able to maintain a GF diet. I have lots of cookbooks and subscribe to I think every magazine out there, and the learning will continue forever.

Im ready for the next chapter in my life and its started already!

Happy 1st Anniversary to me!!!

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