Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Is Celiac Contagious?

Hmmm in a way it might be!
In July Don and I move in together, along with his daughter. It was interesting setting up a new house with Gluten and Non-Gluten concerns. We have designated cupboards for items that contain Gluten. 2 toasters and a Red cutting board that is only used for Gluten things (bread mostly). Still not one bit of wheat flour, rye or barley in the house. I was very adamant about that part. I mean lets face it you want to bake and cook at least make it that everyone in the house can eat it.
On to what this post is really about.
Don's daughter is 23, and she was complaining lots about stomach aches, vomiting and other discomforts. She sees her doctor regularly and one day when I came home the big news was "Guess what Im being tested for?" Of course Celiac!!! I had mentioned it a few times and we had even joked that both her and Don didn't feel well after a Gluten night. Well the blood test in, yup we now have 2 of us in the house.. poor Don, he is on his own for Gluten nights now. I think there should be a support group for Non-Celiac spouses.
How will she cope, well I hope its a bit easier for her, she was already eating Gluten Free at home most of the time so that transition will be OK, also the house is set up properly and we are all aware of cross contamination. The hard part will be away from home, work, lunch, out with friends.
Will she have the same reactions I did, temper tantrums and such. I hope not but we will all be more understanding if they do happen. Its hard and I hope she knows that she has mine and Don's full support.
So far it seems to be going well. She is trying to educate herself and will ask me lots of questions. Time will tell and as I know from first hand it takes awhile to really start to feel better.

So if your ever visiting our place, be careful you may get contaminated and leave a Celiac!!


H.Peter said...

Wow. Brutal.

I am all with you on the Support Group. I had real Pizza at the house last night and felt guilty noshing away in the office....

The Calico Cat said...

I just read (on the crockpot blog)that you made a lactose free pumpkin pie - can you share the recipe - or point me to it?

karenk said...

I bought a pre-made rice flour pie shell and then I bought a can of organic pumpkin. From the can I used that recipe but I used LACTAID milk which is lactose free and it worked fine.
I use lactaid milk for everything and if it needs margerine or butter I use Earth Balance buttery flavoured spread Original. It is a Vegan product but the only one I have found that tastes and acts normal, you can cook/bake with it and have no problems. Its my favorite product.